Kayak-ON - June. Jackson. Balaton.

A short review about asp fishing in June on Balaton at jacksonkayak.com

 Jackson Kayak

Asp season starts with the hot weather...

A few pics about our first weekend on Balaton with kayak this year.
Weather was really hot, water beautiful green and almost warm enough for swimming.
Asps are really hungry, they are chasing baitfish all around the reeds.

Photo report from the Tisza Lake

Tisza Lake. 3 days on the water.
Sunshine, fishing, pike and wine. :-)

Thank you, guys.

Crazy asps on board....

We are in the middle of autumn and - according the forecasts - cold weather is upon us, 
but we have a few great days for fishing.

Baitfish are swimming in schools and asps are hunting for them in teams - like wolves.
This is our time to catch them.
If we are on the right spot, we can catch them one after another.

Finding the good spots is not always easy.
But it is a bit easier - and more fun - with a kayak.

So it is time to stop typing and grab the paddle.
See you on the water.

Kayak fishing on the Balaton

We spent a relaxing afternoon on the water with Zoli (the owner of kajakpeca).
Water was blue and smooth as glass.
Our Jackson kayaks ran quite and fast heading to the fishing spot.